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The AgTech Center

The AgTech Center is a commercial development that will grow produce indoors, co-pack, and distribute fresh food to the City of Atlanta and surrounding areas. Located within a Federal Opportunity Zone in City of Atlanta, Fulton County on a 10-acre lot, near Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. There are three buildings in this development: Building 1 is a three story indoor farming facility with a 174,932 square foot building area dedicated to indoor farming outfitted with advanced CEA technology and the rooftop will have a greenhouse structure. Buildings 2 & 3 are identical, having two stories and 37,752 square foot building area each. Consisting of first-floor cold-storage and easy truck loading/unloading areas for food products, second floor of office spaces. The AgTech Center can produce nearly 22 Million pounds of fresh, pesticide-free, local produce every year allowing the entire city of Atlanta and surrounding areas direct access to fresh foods all year round in the steady growing $138 billion dollar produce industry.

ClientPonixYear2021ServicesBuildings, Urban Agriculture, Workforce Training, Design & EngineeringShare

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